Are all of the rooms in your home the temperature you want them to be? Do you have rooms that get too warm, too cold, or maybe no airflow at all? Do you have to raise or lower your thermostat to make one room comfortable while making other rooms less comfortable? Most homes experience this because there is only one thermostat controlling the home's temperature. Also, the thermostat is likely in a hallway or room seldom used. It's comparable to controlling all the lights in your home with only one light switch.

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Your Home Comfort Guy has a solution, and it's called Zoning. Zoning allows you to have separate temperatures or comfort zones in your home, each having its own thermostat. This means you can control the temperature in your bedroom independently from your family room, separate your upstairs from downstairs or any combination desired. I will customize a zoning system to meet your home and family's needs.

The silent, air-driven dampers are installed in your existing duct system and in many cases can be completed in just one day.